Skins for European Air War

Bristol Beaufighter IC

Bristol Beaufighter IC for European Air War

Coastal Command, Number 272 Squadron, North Africa, 1942
This skin is based on Woolfman's New Guinea Beaufighter. 3dz files by Woolman.
Slot: Mosquito and P38H.
Size: 305 kB
By: vonOben
October 27, 2001

Bf 109 E High Res cockpit modification.

Modified 109 E cockpit for European Air War SteveT's 109E cockpit for European Air War
This is a modified version of SteveT's Bf 109 Hi-Res virtual cockpit (the deflection version). The left picture shows the modified version and the right picture shows SteveT's version.
The propeller 3dz has been modified and moved to the correct centre position. Chompy helped me making the edges of the gunsight glass transparent.
Included are versions for the E1, E3, E4 and different slot versions for Moggy's Dunkirk and Emil's BoB:
These files are also usable for the 109F2 skins that use SteveT's HR deflection cockpit.
Slots: E1 in 109K slot. E3 in 109G and 109K slot. E4 in P47D, 109G and 190A slot.
Size: 337 kB
By: vonOben
August 24, 2003

Bf 109 G-2

Bf 109 G-2 for European Air War

II/JG54 Siverskaya, Russia Summer1942
3dz files by Capitan Manduca.
Slot: 109G
Size: 426 kB
By: Hynkel
August 31, 2000

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