Spanish Air War 1937-1938


The Spanish Air War or SAW for short is finally finished! Our goal was to simulate the air war over Spain during The Spanish Civil War as realistic as possible using the flight-simulator European Air War.
SAW can be played in Single missions and in two campaigns.
SAW is a community project by: Alatriste, Andy, Captain Kurt, CatsEyes, Enoff, Karel, Neira, Pobs, SteveT, Stratos and vonOben.

There are going to be the following campaigns in SAW:

SAW 1937 Campaign, which is not fully finished yet.
SAW 1938 Campaign.
In these campaigns you can fly either for the Republicans or the Nationalists (German-, Italian- or Spanish airforces).

The aircraft in SAW:

Aircraft in Spanish Air War

Spanish Air War

Spanish Summer Terrain for European Air War Spanish Summer Terrain for European Air War

Spanish Air War (SAW) contains a comprehensive set of files which enable you to simulate, with a fair degree of realism, the much-overlooked air war over Spain in 1937-1938.
SAW can be played either in single missions, or by using a specially written campaign. As well as a complete new "world" for EAW, SAW features an emphasis on attacks against ground targets. This initial release only covers the 1938 campaign scenario (in the 1943 slot). The interface allows selection of the 1937 campaign (in the 1940 slot) and the campaign and squad files for this early campaign are all present in this release, however the alternative plane set (skins, models and FMs) and target set for this campaign are not included and will be added later as a patch to fully enable the 1937 campaign.

Size: 23 MB
By: SAW Team
June 04, 2007 Version 2

Spanish Air War Music

SAW Music files

Size: 20 MB
By: SAW Team
May 20, 2007 First release.

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