Misc Files for First Eagles

Enbseries HDR mod for FE2

The enbseries mod is a DirectX 9 .dll mod made by Vorontsov Boris for use in a number of games. All credit goes to him for this.
More information at his website: ENB
This is an upload with my personal enseries.ini file which main settings by Nick Needham for FSX, with some edits by Creaghorn for OFF and vonOben for FE2.
More information about Nick's settings here: ENB Bloom mod Nicks config
Size: 80 kB
By: Edits by vonOben, original files by Nick Needham and Creaghorn.
April 23, 2017

Guitarclassic55's Replacement Menu Screens update for First Eagles 2

Guitarclassic55's Replacement Menu Screens were designed for original First Eagles and gave problems when used in First Eagles 2.
The needed files has been edited and some new has been added to get a more uniform look over all.
Size: 55 kB
By: Edits by vonOben, original files by Guitarclassic55.
April 30, 2017

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