Misc files for European Air War

Flight model v.5 for Emil's Malta Add-on

This FM is an attempt to introduce figures closer to historical about aircraft weights and engine performances. This procedure has been applied to all single engined, flyable aircraft. Also some minor issues of original Emil's patch have been corrected. All other characteristics (like Damage Model and weaponry) were left untouched.
New in Version 5:
Corrected instruments layout for G 50, Macchi 200 and 202, Spitfire Vb and Vc; improved gyro-compass readability for these latter as well as fuel gauge needle visibility for former two. Revised range for Macchi 200 and introduced fair fuel burn rates for all flyable single-engined fighters; you should no more run out of gas before reaching at least your home base, when flying Axis. Corrected as well smoke origin position on Macchi 200. Introduced grey tinged gunsights for above mentioned italian fighters.
Size: 1.2 MB
By: Greybeard
April 23, 2006

Realism patch 2.5 for Emil's ETO 1943-1945

This is an adaptation of Knegel's Realism patch 2.5 for Emil's ETO 1943-1945 Version 1.0, released in 25 April 2003.
All FM's and DM's are from Knegel's RP23 with some minor changes by me.
Size: 29 kB
By: FM/DM's by Knegel. ETO adaptation by vonOben,
November 19, 2004

Campaign files for Knug's Russian Air War

Derived from Emil's ETO 43-45, these files allows special missions at dawn and dusk. Some flight models have been refined (La5FN, Bf 109 F-2, G-6 and K-4).
In addition, british squadrons names have been changed to russian ones.
Size: 21 kB
By: Greybeard
July 01, 2004 Beta version

EAW Objects file (EAW_ttd.dat)

Object file for European Air War

The Eaw_ttd.dat file controls the default objects as houses, farms, trees and other things which pop up from the ground as you fly over it which are not tied to any specific target. This Eaw_ttd.dat file is especially made for my new ETO Summer terrain. All single trees and 3D trees have been replaced with trees and the amount of houses and farms has been increased. All object types are placed and rotated to match the tiles as much as possible, the farms are placed where there are painted farms, the trees are placed where there are painted forests etc.
Three different versions are included:
The "Default objects" version has some unused objects: Tmod:22-32-34-36-38-40-42.
The "More objects 1" version have Tmod32 and Tmod 34 placed on roads, so they can be used for vehicles. Tmod36 and Tmod38 are placed on fields.
The "More objects 2" includes the same objects as in "More objects 1" with these additional Tmods placed:
Tmod00 on rows of trees and Tmod22, Tmod40 and Tmod 42 on roads, so they can be used for vehicles.
The "More objects 2" version also needs a modified exe file which is included in The "WarTime objects v2" add-on which also can be used with the "More objects 1" version.
Size: 118 kB
By: vonOben
August 09, 2003 First release.
October 12, 2003 Improved some object placements in "Default objects" version and added a "More objects" version.
April 25, 2004 Improved many object placements in "More objects 1" version and added the "More objects 2" version. The updated versions now also support the ETO Houses ground object.

Realistic EAW Hills

Realistic EAW Hills for European Air War

This is an attempt to make a more realistic hill file for the default EAW world considering the limitations in the game, the topographically information available to me and the utilities used. All rivers and airbases lie in horizontal areas. Cities and ground targets are not always horizontal and can be placed in slight slopes and large cities have smaller height variations. The roads are not always horizontal and follow the landscape in a natural way. The heights vary from 0-2973m, the highest values being in the Alps. I've tried to keep the heights on lower values because of the problem with the AI flying into the hills. The heights in most places are between 0-893m with a few higher hills at 1190m.
Size: 53 kB
By: vonOben
December 08, 2002 First release.
September 20, 2003 Adjusted a few misplaced hills. Increased the maximum height to 2973m.

Fix for the default EAW Tile Layout

Fixed Tile Layout for European Air War Default Tile Layout for European Air War
This is an edited version of the Tile Layout for the default EAW world and corrects the missing road and a bridge over the river north of Bissel.
Size: 168 kB
By: vonOben
February 9, 2003

Formation and Skin Randomizer v1b

In EAW, the aircraft formations exhibit very few size changes during campaigns and, for a given slot, the same skin and markings are used. Hence, scenarios may be repetitive (and boring) : bomber intercepts or escorts with always the same number and type of enemy and friendly planes. As well, if you do not activate the 'limited planes' option before starting a campaign, you will start a mission with always the same number of a/c. This may be far from reality and the forces ratio will rarely vary from a mission to another one.
The FS Randomizer addon was designed :
- to add A LOT of unpredicability in missions (campaigns or single missions) in terms of forces ratio and AI skins.
- to tweak/change the force ratios in campaigns.
Size: 193 kB
March 24, 2002

Skins-n-More v2.0

Skins-n-More is a utility for EAW that allows you to manage add-on files as skins, terrain, sound files etc, so you can easily copy them to your European Air War folder.
Skins-n-More also allows you to copy themes to the European Air War folder. With the themes functionality, you pick previously registered textures to include in a theme.
Size: 2242 kB
By: Relent
April 27, 2001

Good Kill eliminator

This pack enables you to eliminate the annoying "Good Kill!" radio transmissions (or any other sound you don't want to hear) from European Air War.
Size: 14 kB
By: Peter "PapaRomeo" Rafle
August 17, 2000

Polish Place names

This file gives Polish place names for Emil's 1939 Poland Campaign, it's included in Andy's new Poland campaign.
Size: 3 kB
By: vonOben
December 01, 2000

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