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Welcome to my Flight Simulator Site!

This site contains Add-ons and skins for my favorite World War I and World War II flight simulator games:
Combat Flight Simulator 3 by Microsoft, European Air War by MicroProse, First Eagles by Third Wire, IL-2 1946 by 1C:Maddox Games, Red Baron 3D by Sierra and Rise of Flight by 777 Studios.

Combat Flight Simulator 3 European Air War First Eagles IL-2 1946 Red Baron 3D Red Baron 3D

Check the EAW Tutorial if you want to know more about European Air War!

Feel free to E-mail me at per.eslov*spray.se replace the * with @

Please do not post any files from this site without permission from their author.

The latest updates on this site were made on the Rise of Flight page July 30, 2017.

Red Baron II/3D Webring
Red Baron II/3D WebRing
Red Baron II/3D Webring
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European Air War Web Ring
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