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Welcome to my Flight Simulator Site!

This site contains Add-ons and skins for my favorite World War I and World War II flight simulator games:
Combat Flight Simulator 3 by Microsoft, European Air War by MicroProse, First Eagles by Third Wire, IL-2 1946 by 1C:Maddox Games, Red Baron 3D by Sierra and Rise of Flight by 777 Studios.

Combat Flight Simulator 3 European Air War First Eagles IL-2 1946 Red Baron 3D Red Baron 3D

Check the EAW Tutorial if you want to know more about European Air War!

Feel free to E-mail me at per.eslov*spray.se replace the * with @

Please do not post any files from this site without permission from their author.

The latest updates on this site were made on the IL-2 1946 page June 13, 2018.

Red Baron II/3D Webring
Red Baron II/3D WebRing
Red Baron II/3D Webring
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European Air War Web Ring
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