Links for Red Baron 3D

There's a lot of Red Baron sites, this is only a few of my favourites.

dgVoodoo is a glide wrapper for Windows and DOS applications.

Flybert's Chateau
This site has a huge collection of multiplayer paint schemes and some nice ground object packs.
There are also valuable information,utilities and files that are needed if you want to modify Red Baron files.

No Voodoo card? Now you can run Red Baron 3D in Glide with a Glide Emulator!

Hell's Angels
Hell's Angels is a new Super Patch. Everything you need is available for download at the Hell's Angels site.

Rens's Red Baron 3d flight simulation site
Ren's has nice terrain and useful utilities to download.

Revenge of the Jastas III
Revenge of the Jastas III is a new Super Patch in development with fully non-mirrored planes and new objects.

Society of WWI Sim Artisans
The SWWISA members are making improvements to Red Baron and other WWI flight sims.
Here you can download new 3D models,graphics and also the Western Front Patch.

Swwisa Forum
Check the latest news about Red Baron enhancements.

The Western Front Patch Forum
A forum devoted to the Western Front Patch.

Wings of Valor
A very nice site with files, patches, information, a forum and more.

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