Links for European Air War

There's a lot of EAW sites, this is only a few of my favourites.

Aces Rising
A huge collection of very nice FW 190 and Bf 109 skins.

Captain Kurt's EAW-Collection
The Captain is the master of 3dz-editing!

Check Six
A French EAW site with skins, terrain and add-ons.

Cord's EAW Page
One of the Major EAW sites with skins, terrain, add-ons, utilities and an interesting Help section. The latest updated on this site was in October 2001.

EAW Community page
A host site with several creative members of the EAW community containing skins, add-ons, utilities and more.

EAW Frontlines
A site with add-on campaigns by Emil, RockHPI, Andy and others.

EAW Tally Ho
If you are looking for something for EAW this is the place to go. Sandbagger keeps track of everything worth knowing in the EAW community. On his site you'll find the Latest News, Add-ons finder, Skin finder, Links and a lot more.

max188's European Air War Add-ons
Hi-res terrains, airfield and sky files, smoke, fire effects, plane rendering, fuel mod and an informative EAW guide.

Migge's Eaw Skin Page
Migge is one of the EAW pioneer skinners with a lot of nice skins, cockpits and sound files.

Mosi's Flightsim Page
Mosi has great looking skins, add-ons and very useful Tutorials.

This is the best European Air War Forum, a nice and friendly place to visit frequently.

Wings Over Bytom
Col. Gibbon's and Texpole's work is dedicated to the creation of add-ons and aircraft skins.

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